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Rustic Tables, Restaurant Table Tops, Small Dining Tables for Small Spaces
Our rustic tables and restaurant table tops are crafted from reclaimed boards and beams rescued from old farm buildings. They retain a look that can only be achieved from lumber that has been aged by time, measured in decades.
An Amish made dining tables can preserve a piece of history, real Americana for you and your family or business. We also make a small dining table, small kitchen table for a limited space, quality craftsmanship delivered nationwide.
Your rustic reclaimed wood table will display a character unmatched by any artificial means.
Taple tops, restaurant, rustic
Rustic barn board table tops. From $195
Removable legs optional
Or you provide a base
rustic pine table
Our popular hinged restaurant table tops.
drop leaf, 1, 2 or 4 sides.
restaurant rustic table tops
Sturdy Amish made furniture.
rustic pine drop leaf tables
Restaurant tables ready to pack and ship.
4 sides fold and lock under.
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Old antique lumber is prized for its beauty and its dry, stable and dense nature.
Crafting old barnwood into rustic wood furniture discloses the patina, nail holes,
checking and character marks that have resulted from many years of use.
We Deliver Nationwide
We ship to: Chicago Illinois IL, California CA, New York NY, Long Island NY,
New Jersey NJ, Florida FL, Connecticut CT, Massachusetts MA, Texas TX, all states and cities.
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